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Technical Monitoring

We offer remote monitoring of ATMs, evaluating their condition and operability.


With this service we can detect failures or malfunctioning of some of its components or internal sections, managing a personalized technical assistance to the specific location of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance

We offer ATM cleaning and lubrication services, with scheduled assistance.


Service that prevents failures or clogging caused by the accumulation of dirt, pollution and lack of lubrication.

Corrective maintenance

Specialized ATM repair service with spare parts supply.


Specialized technical assistance is offered at the location where the equipment is located.

For sale

The ATM is dispatched and delivered with the equipment and conditions requested, on the basis of a sales contract.


Negotiation conditions may vary depending on the quantity and equipment desired.


ATM rental service is offered with the conditions and time agreed upon.

Rates may vary depending on volume, equipment, time and conditions requested.


We offer the supply of ATMs with the agreed conditions and time for a monthly fee with the option to keep the equipment at the end of the contract.