Contribute to the development and growth of our clients in the line of means of payment, providing solutions in products and services of avant-garde technology with high standards of quality and information security, maintaining continuous improvement in our processes, under a safe work environment for our collaborators in harmony with the environment, clients and surroundings.


To be recognized as leaders in the market for means of payment for the quality of the products sold, the excellent service provided, high level of commitment, dedication and continuous search for excellence based on the needs of our customers, ensuring the application of measures confidentiality and information security, with strict compliance with occupational safety and in total harmony with the environment.



  • The Personnel: the human resource in our organization is the key to achieving success.
  • Customer orientation: focused on satisfying our customers and their needs.
  • Honesty: we work with honesty, dignity, fairness, solidarity and modesty.
  • Competitiveness: we offer quality services and products, effectively and efficiently.
  • Responsibility: we comply with our obligations, making fair decisions.
  • Respect: people and their integrity come first.
  • Leadership attitude: we are focused on being the leaders in the payment method market.
  • Teamwork: we complement and enhance individual initiatives, knowledge and resources, to do better.
  • Ecological awareness: we are oriented towards caring for and respecting the environment.
  • Work environment: we promote equity and equality without distinction of race, creed, sex, sexuality, nationality in a safe and reliable environment.
  • Information security: we establish controls for the confidentiality, protection and safeguarding of information.