We offer our clients a broad variety of terminals (POS, Point of Sales): countertop, wireless and mobile payment solutions, as well as different types of PIN Pads that can be connected to the POS terminal or Cash Register. Our products are manufactured in China and Taiwán by specialized companies.

Our terminals have a wide range of uses, starting with the most common use which is payment transactions through debit/credit cards; other uses include private cards, e-wallet and transport service. These devices can be adapted to various integrated solutions such as electronic recharge (balance top-up for prepaid services such as mobile phones and internet), multi-function payment terminals, keyword activation, nonbanking correspondant services, cash withdrawal at bank branch offices, among many others that we can design for our clients.

Our business allies for the POS terminals are:

NEW POS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing POS Terminals. Their products are high quality, with innovative design and excellent cost to value ratio. It exports to more than 20 countries worldwide, among them, Taiwan, Venezuela, Colombia, Brasil, USA, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Russia.
All our devices have the following certifications CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, PCI, EMV4.2 Level 1 & 2, PBOC2.0


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Commercial Allies for POS

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